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Islandive fits Underwater Blue LED Lighting the latest in cutting edge technology 

Recently introduced to the market this energy efficient lighting of the millennium is in operation on Wings 2 and 3.  Due to the success on our Wings boats, Powerplay has now joined her sister boats and had them installed. 

Popular on luxury super yachts, Aqualuma Underwater Lighting “Blue” is the colour that penetrates water further than any other colour and out performs competitors. 

Why we installed this awesome new underwater lighting? 

We can now offer our guests a chance to see our marine life feeding in their own environment at night time. 

High powered Blue Lighting attract Bait Fish first these little fellows are attracted to the lights quiet soon after they are turned on. The small fish attracts Squid and the squid attracts Dolphins, Dolphins attract people! 

As well as the now very common dolphin sightings we also attract the more common Giant Trevally, a predator of the ocean who rarely travels alone and is usually found marauding small fish along reefs with some reaching sizes over 200lb. 

The latest in modern technology, LED Lighting lights up the underworld, allowing us to offer our guests an amazing opportunity to observe our underwater friends and predators at work and play under the rays of the glowing blue lights in their natural habitat.

These awesome night displays having quickly become hugely popular night time activity. For the really brave you can jump in the water and swim with these creatures of the night. An awesome experience that has been described by one courageous passenger.

Peter Cromley from England " I was terrified really terrified, but it was the best thing I have ever, ever, ever done............... The Giant trevally rushed at you, but turned away at the last minute.. wow...

Of course the dive instructors very used to marine creatures of all types, find swimming around with the fish at night , just another great day in the office..






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