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Tourism awards

In October 2009 the Islandive team was rewarded with a first place in the Best Adventure tour operator in the Whitsundays.

This was hugely exciting for the for the Islandive gang, we are all very proud of this fantastic achievement.

But it isn’t just prestigious endorsement, it means that our clients know they have selected the best tour operator for their Whitsunday Holiday. Our clients are reasurred that the product they have chosen has been awarded the best in the business for adventure tours,
Keith Roberts, co owner of Islandive had this to say after winning the award.
We’re all so proud of what we’ve achieved.’  and Mike Keyte, director of and co owner of islandive, adds, ‘The awards night itself was brilliant and a great team building event. When we won Gold we were absolutely ecstatic and it did make us all realise that what we are doing is really special and worthwhile.’

As well as Winning the best Adventure tour operator in 2009 our Company Islandive was also nominated in the top 4 finalists for the best Adventure tour operator for all of Queensland..

All of us here at islandive are all very proud of the Companies achievements.

We know that when you join us on an islandive trip, you know that are travelling with an award winning Company..

The Islandive Directors Mike and Ami Keyte along with Keith and Dale Roberts would humbly like to share a huge thankyou with all of our staff, it is your attention to detail that makes this company the very best Operator in the Whitsundays..

Come join us....


tourism adventure
Islandive at Tourism awards
keith roberts
Keith Roberts delivers thankyou
mike and ami
Mike and Ami Keyte
Mike Keyte and Keith Roberts