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1 day 1 night trip on a Budget

Overnight once in a lifetime cruise to the unforgettable Whitsunday Islands.

This cruise has been designed specifically for travelers who are traveling on a tight budget but still want to experience staying overnight in the beautiful Whitsunday Islands.

And there is no better way to do it than on Powerplay.  A sleek, fast and stable power catamaran.  Sit back and take in the exotic beauty of the islands whilst on board the air conditioned, turbo charged vessel which includes an outdoor heated spa.
Whilst traveling to the first destination take in the sights around you. Looking out for dolphins that will often ride the bow waves of Powerplay.   Socialize with new friends or our crew on board.  Or just sit back relax and unwind in our spa.
The trip offers scuba diving at the best dive sites the Whitsunday Islands all at a budget price.  These include: Blue Pearl Bay also know as the fish bowl due to the high diversity of aquatic life that lives there.  Take a swim through the maze of coral that is 100’s of years old and is home to Clown fish (Nemo), Coral Trout and the unforgettable Pricilla, a Large Maori Wrasse that is one of the many amazing fish you will discover around the Whitsunday Islands.

If scuba diving isn’t for you then snorkeling is included in the price.  There are amazing coral gardens that you can swim through. You often see turtles eating the soft corals within the coral gardens so make sure you keep your eyes peeled.

For those just wanting to relax enjoy sunbathing at Langford Spit an extensive sand spit and one of the only Coral Cay islands situated on the Great Barrier Reef.  It is a beautiful secluded beach with stunning views of the Whitsunday Islands.

Once back onboard take a long hot spa catching up with friends on the days events and soaking in the beautiful sunsets which will be some of the most spectacular you will see on the East Coast of Australia.

Once the days events have come to an end our crew will serve up a delicious BBQ dinner, of Marinated BBQ Chicken, Ceaser Salad, Pasta Salad, Garlic bread and a delicious potato salad   The crew will then set up the home entertainment system so you can sit back and watch a movie, or if that’s not for you lie out on the nets and watch out for shooting stars.

The next morning you will have the opportunity to take a dip at a new dive sight looking for turtles or just watching the underwater world wake up and start their day or spend the morning relaxing on a luxurious beach.  Or relax on board whilst watching the others splash around in the aqua blue ocean. 

It is a trip of a lifetime and one that you will remember for years to come and Powerplay is simply the best way to enjoy the Whitsunday Islands on a budget.

These new 22 hour trips will commence in the first week of April 2009. They run on Mondays only and the all inclusive price including taxes and wetsuit hire is only $225 Per person

As these trips are shorter than a two night trip, we usually vist the top end of the islands on a one night tour. Therefore on most of these 1 night tours you would not usually expect to be able to vist Whitehaven beach on this tour. However we do vist Langford reef and the sandy beaches of langford spit.


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